Village History


The village of La Garde Adhémar has retained its medieval aspect with its houses huddling within the village ramparts on the edge of a rocky outcrop overlooking the plain of Pierrelatte.

 This plain was colonized in Roman times – 1stcentury – by the veterans of the Roman legions. Ever since the remotest times when it was still called the Via Agrippa, the Rhône Valley that the village overlooks, has always been a communication route. From the church esplanade one discovers a magnificent vista stretching from the Donzère gorge to the north all the way to Bollène to the south with the Ardèche and Gard rolling hills in the background.

 The remnants of an ancient place of worship dedicated to the deities of water and a number of other goddesses can be seen at the Val des Nymphes located 2 km east of the village. A small altar dedicated to the nymphs has been recovered nearby and has been set up at the entrance of St Michel church. Archeological and historical research have shown that the area close to the water spring at the Val des Nymphes, was the site of quite a large medieval dwelling place (5th – 12th centuries) including four churches. Today it is widely regarded as the original location of the village. Nowadays only the priory church is still standing. It was built in the 12th century by the monks of Tournus Abbey in Burgundy first mentioned in 1059. In the 12th century, St Michel church which also depended upon Tournus and which is located in the village centre was built in an elegant style mixing romanesque and provençal influences. Right below the church a nicely designed herb garden following the pattern of the terraces of ancient vegetable gardens is home to some 200 medicinal plants and has been labeled a”Jardin Remarquable”.



 Guided tours for groups in french

The tour offers a historical approach to the village of La Garde-Adhemar.The tour begins with the site of  of Val des Nymphes , 2 km, known for its oaks, its source and its unique Romanesque chapel Notre-Dame (twelfth century). It also evokes his hidden past revealed through archaeological and historical research. The tour continues through the village characterized by its medieval urban structure, its renowned Romanesque church (XII century), the chapel of the White Penitents, the view of the plain of Tricastin, the remains of a Renaissance chateau.


Duration : 2 hours or more according to the group's interest


 group of less than 15 people = 45 €

 group of more than 15 people = 3 € par personne

All year on reservation


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